How Ticket Mambo Works

Ticket Mambo is an easy to manage, modern, web-based event management solution.

With Ticket Mambo, it's easy to not only create an online information hub for your event, but also manage your guest list, and keep track of your revenue. Gone are the days when you would print cumbersome paper tickets - Ticket Mambo issues tickets to your guests seamlessly...electronically.


Our Features

Ticket Sales

You’ve worked hard to create the perfect event. The place has been selected, the caterer has been identified and the talent has been booked. Now you’re looking for a hassle-free way to sell your tickets online. Ticket Mambo’s event ticketing system makes your online ticket buying experience easier and stress-free.

Post Your Events

Looking to promote your tricky tray, fundraiser, conference, workshops, festivals, parties, or retreats? Ticket Mambo makes it easy and simple and it's FREE.

Lower Processing Fees

Ticket Mambo charges $1.29 and a 3% processing fee, making it cost-effective for your customers.

Social Media Integration

Ticket Mambo gives you the ability to bring the information and communication from your social media accounts into your website.

Paypal Integration

Ticket Mambo’s payment integration feature, allow you to easily process credit cards from your customers using your PayPal account. In just a few minutes, you can accept payments for online tickets directly to your PayPal account by simply adding your PayPal email address.

Sales Reporting for Back Office Management

Once the QR code is scanned, the information is sent to the Ticket Mambo database in real-time. Management can now see up-to-the-minute information regarding the number of people in attendance and a complete sales report of the day’s online receipts. Ticket Mambo can also track comp tickets and children who are not required to pay.

Customizable Event Page

With Ticket Mambo you can enhance your brand by customizing your event page. Add your logo, video, and upcoming events keeping your customers in tune with you.

Partnership Level

Join our affiliate program and receive a commission for all the Ticket Mambo events in your area.

Mobile Optimization

Your event is organized for easy reading on small devices such as smartphones and tablets.

Mobile Ticket Scanning App

Ticket Mambo’s event check-in mobile app gives each member of your team the ability to scan the QR code located on the ticket which, was emailed to the customer at the time of purchase.

Ticket Mambo Basic

Create events and sell tickets to those events on the Ticket Mambo website.

Ticket Mambo Custom

Get your custom website designed and built with ticket sale functionality.

Ticket Mambo Community

Get your own community calendar built and make money from every ticket sold.